When your device is plugged in and you are in the Stand-by mode, above the 0.0 there are several things flashing.

If you have a ramp set on your device you will see minutes flashing in the display above the 0.0.

If you do not have a ramp set there will be no minutes indicated.

You will see either CPAP with a number after it or APAP with a number after it.

        This indicates the mode that your device is set in.  This is determined by your prescription.

        CPAP will provide one set therapeutic pressure between 4 - 20 cm H20.

        APAP will provide a variable therapeutic pressure between 4 - 20 cm H20.

The number following the CPAP or APAP is the ZBreathe setting.  That setting can be between 1, 2 or 3.  There is no off feature for the pressure relief.  (Please see "Do the Z1 and Z2 have a (ZBreathe) pressure-relief function?" for an explanation of this feature and how to adjust it.)

You will also see bt-on flashing.  This indicates that the Bluetooth is enabled.  

If you see bt-off and would like to enable this feature, please see "Settings".

The current date and time will also flash.

If you have a Z2 there is an Auto Off-On feature.  This will appear as AOFF-ON.

        This indicates that the feature is enabled.  To disable it please see "Settings".