Yes.  You can order online directly from our website.  Please visit and hover on the Shop Tab.  Click on The HDM Store and shop for the items you need, then add your information and check out.  If you are purchasing a Z2 and/or Extended Life Battery and PowerShell, we offer free shipping.  Simply scroll down to the COUPON and enter the coupon code.  Remember, a valid U.S. prescription is needed to purchase a CPAP device.  No prescription is necessary for the Battery and PowerShell or the accessories.

You can also order your accessories online at The HDM Store.  Unfortunately, we are unable to process telephone orders.

You may also purchase from a local distributor.  We have a list of major distributors on our website.  Hover on the Shop Tab, click on Online Retailers or visit your favorite distributor to see if they are a Z2 distributor.