Yes. Sleep data can be imported from both the Z1™ and the Z2™ CPAP and the Z1™ and Z2™ Auto onto the free HDM DataViewer software. Currently the software is only PC/Windows compatible. The software will also work on Mac computers that have Parallels or BootCamp software installed.

To download the HDM DataViewer Software, please follow this link:

DataViewer can also be downloaded from

    Hover on the Support Tab, Click on Z1 & Z2 Resources, then click on CPAP User Guides and Software.

Data from the Z1™ and the Z2™ Auto can also be viewed on our app called Nitelog on iPhones 4S and above, iPads, iTouch, and most Android phones via bluetooth.

We are currently experiencing difficulties connecting Nitelog with the new iPhone 11 from Apple and Samsung 10 phone. We are diligently working to get this resolved ASAP. Older versions of Apple’s iPhone and Android are still working with Nitelog. We appreciate your patience.