To change the Z-Breathe™ (pressure-relief) Algorithm setting:

For the Z1™ CPAP Base (the white and gray unit)  and Z2™ Base CPAP, you will see CPAP-1, CPAP-2 or CPAP-3.

  1. The unit must be in Standby Mode (pressure of “0.0” indicated on the display).
  2. Hold down both the up and down arrow buttons at the same time until you see “CPAP-1” or “CPAP-2” or "CPAP-3" flashing on the display.
  3. Press the up or down arrow buttons until you observe your desired setting on the display.
  4. To lock- in the setting, hold down the Start/Stop button until the display reads "Accept".
  5. For the Z1™APAP (the black and gray unit) and Z2™ APAP you will be looking for APAP-1, APAP-2 or APAP-3 flashing on the display.  When you see that, follow the steps #3 and steps #4 above to set the Z-Breathe™ setting.